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A consumer loan is a type of loan that is generally used at once for the financing of real people for goods and services other than commercial purposes and is repaid according to the interest rates originally determined. Consumer loans are used within the limits determined based on the creditworthiness of individuals.

Consumer loans

Consumer loans

Which are offered to people in cash or that can also be offered as a service (by participation banks), have an increasing interest? In practice, a general-purpose loan, which is used as an installment loan, appeals to a large number of customers with small loan amounts and provides great benefits to the creditor in reducing the risk and ensuring customer loyalty.

It is one of the most widely used retail loan products to meet the urgent cash needs of consumers. The target audience is all existing or potential customers with high reliability. If you think about how to get a general-purpose loan and you are not sure how to get the loan, you can learn what to do by getting help from our team and learn how to reach you and what ways to follow.

Due to economic developments and intense competition in the banking sector, new products are being offered to consumers every day and the scope of consumer loans is expanding. In addition, the maturity structures, currencies, collateral structures and payment terms of individual loans differ according to market conditions, legal regulations and banks’ credit policies.

Although loans can be classified in different ways, these classifications mostly cover commercial loan types. Since consumer loans are analyzed as per the subject of our research, consumer loans are tried to be explained by differentiating them according to the types of collateral that are used most frequently in bank applications and which have different collateral characteristics. Since information regarding the collateral will be made in the next section, information about credit products has been tried to be given in this section.

Consumer loans How do I get

Consumer loans How do I get

Have reached the age of 18, the Republic of Turkey citizens and civil servants that can document income, a lawyer with workers and retirees, engineers, doctors, self-employed doing business with a diploma as financial advisers owners can also benefit.

It can quickly meet the sudden financial needs of consumers, and it provides the convenience of getting corporate support instead of asking for help from familiar people. In general-purpose loans, maturity can be made up to 60 months and payments can be made with 3-month and 1-month reimbursement options.


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