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How can I learn the credit cards registered in my name


As the number of credit card applications made by banks and banks increases day by day and banks takes more place in life, the number of credit cards per person is also increasing. It is possible to learn the cards registered in your name by various methods that can be used in this context because in most cases, people do not have information about how many cards they have or where they can query these cards.


Therefore, in this article, how you can sot the cards registered in your name, how to query the cards registered in your name together with the TR identity number and derivative issues will be discussed.


How do I learn the cards registered in my name

How do I learn the cards registered in my name


There are more than one way to learn the credit card registered in your name, but the most effective and fastest to use among these methods is undoubtedly to apply to Good Finance to examine the records kept at KKB, that is, at the Credit Registry Office. As a result of your application to Good Finance, you can query your credit card status and get information about your credit cards in a much shorter period of time.


Card Inquiry with TC Identity Number


In order to do this, people who want to query the cards registered in their name with the Turkish Republic ID number should search for Good Finance after entering the website. Since one step of the credit note inquiry is related to credit cards, it is possible to query the credit cards that are registered to your name on this screen. As a result of the information you get here, you can get information such as how many cards you have open, how many of these cards you owe and how much limit you have.

To make inquiries with Good Finance, after entering the site, you must click on the register button, and after sharing your personal information, you have to pay.


Getting Information from the Bank

Getting Information from the Bank


A bank can give you information about which banks you have, including other banks, and which credit cards you have. To do this, after logging into the internet banking or mobile banking application, you must log in to the credit note inquiry screen and request your credit report. This is usually a report you can get by paying between $ 10 and $ 20.


After obtaining this report, you will see that the credit cards you have and the limits, debts, etc. that these credit cards have. information is also included. In the light of this information, you can get information about which bank you have which credit card you have and what the available limits of these credit cards are.


Credit Card Inquiry E-Government


Although many people think that they can get the information about their credit cards via e-government, this has not happened yet, so the integration between BRSA, KKB and e-Government has not been established yet. Therefore, it is not possible to make inquiries through the e-Government system in order to query the credit cards you have registered in your name.

Central Bank Credit Card Inquiry



As a result of information spread recently, people are misled that they can apply to the Central Bank to query their credit cards defined in their names. The Central Bank does not have a duty to make credit card inquiries or share credit note information, so it is not possible to apply to the Central Bank to learn the credit cards registered in your name. You can contact KKB, the Credit Registry Office or the BRSA Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency for detailed information on this matter.

Whatever you do, if you cannot find information about the credit cards you have, in this case, you can file an appeal by applying to the First Instance court in your district.

You can see the comparison of credit cards in general by examining our article on Which is the Best Credit Card.


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